Our Projects Over The Years

Storm Pro

The Storm Pro gives you advance weather warning technology you can use at home, indoors or out, and take wherever you go, for any kind of outdoor sport or recreation.

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High Voltage Power Supply

The Nova Research “N165xx” series of High Voltage Power Supplies was specifically designed to drive electrostatic chuck wafer clamping devices. The output is variable from 100 volts through 5000 volts DC with dynamic output voltage tracking, tracking deviation control, and user defined current limit.

Early Warning System (EWS)

The EWS offers you the ability to detect the presence of Iightning/thunderstorm activity occurring within 40 miles of your location. EWS detects the characteristic electromagnetic emissions from individual lightning strokes and uses patented technology to determine the distance to the detected
stroke. The distances are indicated in four ranges: 0-3 miles; 3-8 miles; 8-20 miles; and 20-40 miles.

N10804 Board

This is the motherboard that goes into the Early Warning Systems (EWS)

EPS 300

This board goes into the High Voltage Power Supply. EPS300 high voltage power supply is designed to drive electrostatic chucks gripping semiconductor wafers, under various process conditions, with years of reliable performance.


This board is a new product development for the future, and is placed into our Early Warning Systems (EWS)

96 Channel Digital IO Board

This is a high performance digital IO card for the ISA bus. The bus interface was implemented using high-speed CPLDs to provide the highest throughput
speeds possible.


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