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At Nova Research and Engineering, Inc., we have been dedicated to providing exceptional product development and electronic assembly services since our establishment in 1980. With over 40 years of experience, we have worked closely with small and mid-sized clients to design, develop, and assemble state-of-the-art electronic and electromechanical products. Our team of highly skilled engineers specializes in various aspects of product development, and we offer an extensive range of electronic assembly services, including custom cables, wiring harnesses, electronic enclosures, surface mount pick-and-place, and through-hole printed circuit board (PCB) assembly. We take pride in our commitment to quality and innovation, ensuring that every project we undertake not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Trust Nova Research and Engineering for all your product development and electronic assembly requirements.

Our Engineers

Meet John and Richard Kohls, the brilliant minds behind Nova Research and Engineering. While John laid the foundation for our company, Richard joined him later to amplify their collective expertise. These visionary engineers possess extraordinary capabilities, capable of turning any idea into reality. Together, they have achieved remarkable creations over the years and have been instrumental in bringing countless ideas to light. With John and Richard at the helm, Nova Research and Engineering continues to thrive, pushing the boundaries of innovation and serving as a trusted partner for all your product development and electronic assembly requirements.

Our Team

John Kohls


Richard Kohls

Vice President

Kathy Kohls


Sharon Carbaugh


Sharon Carbaugh came aboard Nova in March 2006 to assist in production assembly. She soon took on the role of receptionist and progressed to financial management. She now handles all of Nova’s financial responsibilities: accounts receivable, accounts payable, invoicing and
receiving, payroll, and taxes. In addition to front office duties, she continues to contribute in the areas of production preparation and assembly. She has always maintained a keen eye on the health and wellbeing of Nova personnel, which came to the forefront in 2020 with the Covid 19 pandemic. She continues to take an active role in the maintenance of a healthy and productive work environment throughout Nova.

Rob Carbaugh

Production & Purchasing Manager

Robert Carbaugh joined the team in February 2005 as Nova’s purchasing manager. His
communication and bargaining skills have saved the company untold dollars with our vendors. His capabilities in the areas of parts research and acquisition have allowed Nova to meet or exceed delivery times across the full customer spectrum. When Nova’s production manager departed in 2019 Rob immediately took on those additional duties, coordinating work schedules for all of the production staff. He has excelled at balancing the workload of the two management positions.

Shane Sexton

Production Engineer

Shane Sexton joined Nova’s engineering team in September of 2016 and immediately made an impact. He displays an unswerving willingness to attack complicated problems. With and inquisitive nature and machinery background he has contributed to extensive improvements in production through automation. In addition, due directly to his personal research and guidance Nova now has expanded capabilities in the areas of metal plating, surface mount assembly, and 3D printing.

John Troub

Production Engineer

John Troub has been an invaluable, contributing member of Nova Research since joining the team in May of 2015. What began as an exercise in simple cable assembly soon ballooned into a full-blown wire harness fabrication consisting of hundreds of individual wires, multiconductor cables, and dozens of varied US standard and European connectors. With a critical eye for detail, he not only builds harnesses, but is also involved in perliminary engineering review and comment, as well as final quality review. Beyond wire harnesses John has expanded his efforts into the realm of circuit board assembly-surface mount, through-hole, and mixed technology. In recognition of his attention to detail he is frequently tasked with post solder quality review of circuit board assembly.

Cole Carbaugh

Production Engineer

Cole Carbaugh joined Nova in February of 2021. He is the go-to person for all things cable and wire harness. He has superior working knowledge of connectors and the tooling required for assembly. His familiarity with the dozens of vastly different harnesses built at Nova allows for much quicker assembly turn times and 100% continuity checks. He has also branched out into the field of circuit board assembly, embedded processor programming, and printed circuit board quality assurance inspection.

Taylor Rowbottom

Production & Web Design Engineer

Heather Krupp

Production Assembly

Jenna Hughes

Production Assembly

Lauren Scott

Research & Development

Richard Bischel

Design Engineer

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