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At Nova Research and Engineering, our unwavering passion resides in delivering exceptional product development and electronic assembly services. With our extensive expertise in circuit design, electromechanical design, wiring harness and cable assembly, as well as surface mount pick-and-place and through-hole printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, we are truly dedicated to transforming your visions into reality. As a family-owned and operated business, our utmost pride stems from our certified engineering team and our diligent employees who tirelessly work towards ensuring the success of your endeavors. Trust Nova Research and Engineering for unrivaled quality and unparalleled innovation every step of the way.

With a team of highly skilled individuals, Nova Research and Engineering brings a unique blend of technical expertise and practical experience to every project. Our staff holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering, mathematics, computer science, electronic design, and physical science; complemented by decades of hands-on experience in project management, product development, system analysis and design, and technical field service. This exceptional combination allows us to excel in our market and has garnered the respect of numerous target companies who recognize our first-rate capabilities. Our clients satisfaction is our goal with every project.



Client Satisfaction

Engineering Services

Custom Electronics

With our unparalleled expertise, we bring your one-of-a-kind ideas to life. Whether it’s a digital book reader, weather detection and tracking systems, or robotic controls for specialty art work, our talented team is dedicated to transforming your visions into reality.

Computers and Custom Cables

 We pride ourselves on delivering custom computers and cables that are tailored to the unique wants and needs of our clients. With our expertise and attention to detail, we have successfully crafted custom computers that exceed expectations and custom cables that seamlessly integrate into any project.

R.F. Sensors

We have produced cutting-edge sensors that redefine speed and velocity measurement. With the ability to capture speeds up to 150 MPH and detect objects as far as 6 to 200 feet away, these sensors are revolutionizing True Ground Speed, presence sensing, and proximity applications.

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